Petro Kimia Arvin Co. (PKA) a private manufacturing company, was founded in Ahwaz, Iran in 2013. PKA specializes in providing professional and dedicated services to the oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industries, offering a complete range of standard materials, fabricated products, equipment, accessories and procurement services for industrial projects. Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experiences which along with a variety of local and international foundries, enable us to guarantee the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt supplies and services. By constantly updating their knowledge of the technical and commercial aspects of the industry, our commercial and engineering teams ensure the company to remain a reliable supply source in today and tomorrow’s market. Our methods are designed to ease up the delivery process, assuring a speedy and secure arrival of goods. With qualified and experienced staff, we are proud to say that our commitments are always achieved on time and every time.

Petro Kimia Arvin

Our Vision

innovate, create and adopt new technologies and processes in the search of excellence and practical solutions to Provide %100 customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To anticipate and satisfy the requirements of our customers with highly responsive and cost-effective manufacturing and distribution services.